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Salespage Conversions BookSalespage Conversions Book

Know why some salespages suck, while others convert like crazy?

Good Salespages Use:

Proven Psychological Triggers

Which Compel People To Take Action

If You’re Not Using These Secret Triggers, Then You’re Losing Sales

  • Your Visitors

  • + Triggers

  • = More Sales!

The Answer is Simple:

If you want more sales, then you must add the right triggers to your site.

So why aren’t you doing this?!

Do you think?…

  • My product is good enough

  • My salescopy is good enough

  • My graphics are good enough

But obviously they’re not, or you’d be getting more sales!

If you’re frustrated, you’re not alone.

Most resort to paying high-priced copywriters and designers huge amounts of money which really eat away at any profits.

And spending the money, to hopefully make it look good, is not a risk many of us can afford to take.

So what can ordinary marketers like you and me do?

Now there’s an easy solution.

Let me show you exactly what to do to make your salespage better!

Turn Your Visitors into Buyers

Like Magic!

Salespage Conversions BookSalespage Conversions Book

Written in a professional tone and well laid out, Jeff exposes
the anatomy of a salespage from start to finish.

Everything is covered including graphics, videos, and the components
of a salespage.

Also, Jeff reveals the psychology of why people buy,
which is crucial to your success, as you need to get inside
your buyer’s head.

There are great specifics on copywrite and design,
and he digs into the detail of fonts, colours and the emotions that they create.

Nobody tends to talk about this stuff and it’s more important than you may think.

If you’re constructing a salespage anytime soon then you need this!

-Mark Bradley

Jeff is someone who always provides value and knows what he is talking about.

This product is a no brainer, using sales copy to turn your customers into buyers is very important, and that is what this product focuses on along with the other elements that add to the conversion rate.

All the factors that add up to a well crafted sales page has been described very thoroughly.   I learned so much and anyone sitting on the fence should grab this without any hesitation.



I don’t usually do reviews or leave comments about anybody…

I actually had problems that this ebook solves. Jeff has the solutions and helped me to push forward.

I’ve been paying hundreds of dollars on plugins and people promising me the world and this little goldmine has been sitting here this whole time…
He could easily add extra digits to the price…..

This guy is a real genuine nice guy who has a desire to help people like YOU succeed. I am sorry I didn’t find this sooner because I’ve had these problems for a long time and Jeff is my savour (not kidding).

You are in good hands with this report, it is packed with quality content. AWESOME guy, AWESOME content.

Well pleased.


Jeff Burritt

I have spent years practicing and perfecting the skills to convert more visitors into buyers. I spent thousands of dollars paying other people to do what I didn’t know. But now I know. Now I use simple effective techniques and methods to get more optins, get more buyers, and make more profits!

And I have condensed all my years of trial and testing into this pure content, no-fluff, results-oriented 50 page report — I know it will help you!

Inside You’ll Learn:

The 7 magic questions that practically write the salescopy for you

The 4 essential design elements you must have on your salespage

How to write simple attention-grabbing headlines

How to pick the right fonts for your audience

How to create the right mood with colors

How to get or create awesome graphics

How to get professional quality help at rock bottom prices

How to get a flood of early testimonials to validate your offer

How to build a repeat buyers list

And More!

The Truth:

I have seen hundreds, perhaps thousands of salespages over the years. A few are great, most are just ok, and some are horrible.

Most salespages miss critical elements.

And why is that?

Because writing great copy and designing a good looking salespage is hard.

But What If It Wasn’t Hard?

What it you knew how to make your own top performing salesapage with ease? And do it over and over again for almost any niche?

Well now you can!

Because I show you the right way to put your salespage together so you get maximum results.

Stop guessing. This is not hard. You just need the right formula. And you will know exactly what to do.

This is NOT some long-winded academic approach to salescopy and design. It is 50 pages of pure actionable content, and it is your short cut. It’s an easy way to design salespages, even websites, that are proven to convert your visitors into buyers.

Simple + Effective = Profitable

My secrets techniques are really quite simple. When you use these triggers you get the right results.

You probably don’t know about these techniques and triggers.  That’s why you have to keep paying professionals that do know.

-Do you know how professional copywriters get results time and again?

-Are you leveraging proven psychological triggers to motivate your audience?

-How would you like to solve 90% of your salespage issues using one simple method?

Why you should buy:

You want a quick fix, proven to get more sales

You are getting less sales than you should and don’t know why

The guy you hired doesn’t seem to ‘get it’

Your traffic doesn’t covert well

Enough people aren’t joining your list

You have to beg for testimonials

Designing a salespage stresses you out

You’re trying stuff, but it’s not working well

With my simple methods and techniques you’ll easily convert more visitors into actual buyers. You’ll make more money. And be a lot happier.

The good news is you don’t have to be a designer or copywriter. 90% of all successful salespages use the exact same method.

-And why is that? Because people are predictable.

-If you knew what makes people buy, then you could get more sales.

It’s a simple formula. You just don’t know what it is, or how to do it. Until now!

With this powerful report, you’ll be able to get this simple formula working for you, pulling in more profits 24hrs a day!

So, if you’re ready to end the frustration and make more sales…

Pick up your copy right now!

Salespage Conversions BookSalespage Conversions Book

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